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Tax Appeals Made Easy

Save on your property taxes. Really simple. See how much you can save now.

We help you save time, save money, and avoid the hassle.

Comprehensive Property Profile

We automatically generate your property profile and prepare your appeal forms.

Enhanced data collection + Evaluation

Our structured data collection capabilities enable gathering of all relevant information on comparable properties as well as other evidence to assess your property’s fair value.

Maximized Savings

We offer the best available evidence, tips and guidance to maximize your savings.

How We Are Different


Our AI powered modeling capabilities ensure you pay what your property is worth, not more


Completing the application takes little to no effort on your end


Save hundreds of dollars every year for at little as $39, with money-back guarantee

Frequenty Asked Questions

Zappeal works like a questionnaire. We ask you easy-to-answer questions about your home that affect your property tax valuation and fill in the correct forms behind the scenes for your property tax appeal.
Just the address of your property! Based on our analysis of how your property compares to others, we may suggest collecting other documents to support your appeal case later in the process.
The tax rate assigned to your jurisdiction is multiplied by the value of your home to determine how much you pay for your property taxes. Lowering the assessed value of your property lowers the amount of property taxes you owe.
Zappeal starts by asking basic questions about where you live. Based on your answers and your district’s requirements, we help you complete an appeal form. Our team is up to date on the requirements for residential property tax appeals, and can help you make the best case for an appeal so that you are able to earn the savings you deserve.


We’re confident in our reports that we offer a money back guarantee. If you protest your property’s value using our report, and the county doesn’t lower your assessment after you attend your formal hearing, we will refund your money. We win if you win, and you do not loose money if you do not save.